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About Robin Bertelsen

Robin has worked in digital marketing and online communities since the mid-nineties. Her background spans all areas vital to building and sustaining successful digital marketing programs including social media strategy and tactics, content development, website development, community moderation, customer service, sales, marketing, event planning, writing, project management and people leadership.

She began working in social media in a variety of roles at America Online beginning in 1995. In addition to working as senior manager of Community Strategy and Integration, where she managed a staff of over 160 and coordinated 5,500 volunteers in the world’s largest online community, Robin was selected to develop the community strategy for a new online service in China, and was instrumental in the development, launch and integration for AOL blogs and other community applications.

As Director of Community for ChefsBest, an independent judging organization evaluating national grocery store brands, Robin led the company’s web team and managed the company’s online digital marketing strategy, social media efforts and online communities.

Since 2009, she has consulted with businesses from a wide range of industries to define goals, develop holistic digital marketing strategies, and take those ideas into development, implementation and growth.

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About Savannah Brentnall

Savannah has worked in the technology sector since the late 80s in a variety of capacities, including programming, software design, project management and technical marketing. She’s been Product Manager for a language compiler, Technical Marketing Manager for a software company, VP Business Development for an intranet company and COO/Co-founder of startup Intranetics (later Intranets.com), launched by the Idealab internet incubator.

Savannah spent many years heading a successful teaching and consulting business with clients such as 3M, Countrywide and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She wrote and co-authored authored two books on software design, was the editor of two technical publications, wrote for several technical magazines and spoke at conferences all over the world.

In 2003 Savannah branched off into Photoshop work and since 2007, she’s been working in the PR and digital marketing fields. She’s also had the pleasure of working closely with marketing agency Buzztone, pioneers in the digital space and creators of the VWalls technology. Savannah has created long-term social media and digital marketing strategies and implemented those plans with tactics such as blog outreach, contests, focused posts and custom apps.

In 2012, Savannah took on a larger role with software client Amplio and became their interim Marketing Director. In this role, she conducted a complete company re-branding, created social media and go-to-market plans, and developed a new website and marketing collateral. She was also involved in product strategy, design and development.

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To us, social media is another tool in the marketing toolbox. Digital marketing is a fantastic way for companies to have real, ongoing conversations with their customers. We enjoy planning and creating custom campaigns and content that excite and continue that conversation in order to meet business goals.

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